Ali shield WeChat access to Taobao’s Tmall technology is broken

today there is an industry broke the news: Ali shield WeChat access to Taobao Tmall technology, was broken."

follow the links provided by the industry, I personally tried some. Found that the number of links to a WeChat public web site has no direct relationship with Taobao / Tmall, but the entire transaction process, whether it is from the purchase to pay, it is done in the Ali system.


for this phenomenon, the author to have two programming technical background friend advice a lot, get feedback more consistent: they built "iframe" on the page, then bluntly means, "page embedded in another page".

at the end of 2013, when Ali officially closed the WeChat jump to Taobao goods and stores channels. When the user clicks on WeChat Taobao related links, will enter the mobile phone Taobao installation page. Tencent has also done a number of responses, and expressed regret, and finally put the relevant links Taobao blocked, after all, Tencent is not a fool, why do you want to give Ali’s mobile phone with the installation of Taobao


earlier, "hearsay" published an article "WeChat and Taobao who shields?", and analyze the shielding behavior of ali. One paragraph is so described: "this is related to the business model of Taobao, Taobao’s main revenue can be said to be advertising, it is through their own cash flow, the more closed loop, realizable ability is higher. If WeChat or other third party ripped a hole, there is no doubt that it will affect revenue, and is fatal. To put it simply, from a strategic point of view, the big Taobao system should not want the seller have their own free flow. You have an independent flow to promote your shop, so how to make money Taobao? If the seller has more autonomy, the final outcome may be out of amoy."

so, Ali shield WeChat visit Taobao Tmall, more from the point of view of their own interests to consider. But for businesses, it is equivalent to the loss of an important source of traffic. Today, if Baidu search related words, we can still see some businesses in the "crack" method.

from the above case, believe that businesses have been embedded by "iframe" way to get traffic from WeChat, a drill loopholes ali. Industry sources said, in fact, Taobao in the PC side blocked this technology to Taobao customers visit, I do not know why the phone is not sealed. This is a 2012 began to seal the hole, there is no closure, there are two possibilities: 1, Taobao did not find; 2, they can not solve the technical problems of the mobile terminal."

"if this loophole, Taobao could not be solved immediately, it is a very convenient means of business." In the long run, this loophole is a matter of Ali’s advertising revenue, or Tencent WeChat.

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