Reuters website news commentary function off the forum rogue

[TechWeb] reported on November 9th, Reuters recently announced that its website news comment feature will be closed, the reader can go to social media (such as Twitter or Facebook) or online forums to comment on its news.

Reuters explained as follows:

our news discussion has shifted to social media and online forums. These communities provide vibrant dialogue, and more importantly, they can be maintained by the participants from the network order, so that those who abuse the right to criticize the edge of the internet.

simply, news reports are forum Warrior (comment Troll) and keyboard players (keyboard) positions. It is not clear, we make the move is not to want to let those comments appear easily sarcastic ridicule on the website, do not want to deal with the abuse of the right to criticize the person.

In addition,

Reuters’s comments column and blog will continue to retain the reader’s comments, so that the author can interact with readers. But for news stories, Reuters encourages users to comment on Facebook or Twitter.

review is an important way to interact with the Internet media and readers. Reuters to close the news comment function will be the impact of the number of readers of the impact of Reuters, which will be a curious question. (rain)

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