December Microsoft Web server for the local share fell significantly

IDC Review Network ( reported on December 31st: Recently, Netcraft announced the latest global Web server data. According to the show, in December, Netcraft survey of the world’s 915780262 web sites, the chain narrowed by 3.3%. In addition, the Web server market share hegemony, Apache has won the championship in March, its share of 39.11%, an increase of 2.06% over the previous month, or significantly. Below, please look at the data collation and analysis.

(Figure 1) August 1995 -2014 statistics for all sites in

as shown in Figure 1, in 2014 of December, Netcraft received the survey site has 915780262, last month, a decrease of 3.3%.

(Figure 2) August 1995 -2014 global Web server market share in

(Figure 3) global mainstream Web server share

according to figure 3, IDC Review Network noted that in December the world’s mainstream Web server share data, the winner of the Apache and the share of the fourth Google rose, respectively, an increase of 2.06% and 0.12%. Last month, Apache’s share of the growth becomes positive, and rose significantly. The share of Microsoft and nginx were decreased by 2.51%, respectively, ranked 2, the top 3, of which Microsoft decreased significantly increased. Compared with last month, ranking no change.

(Figure 4) June 2000 -2014 active sites in the Web server market share


(Figure 5) global mainstream Web server share

observation Figure 5, you can see the active site in December to use the Web server market share rankings, last month, no change. Among them, Apache’s share of 50.57%, ranked No. first, but compared to last month, a decrease of 0.53%. The remaining 3 sites are up: nginx increased by 0.11%, Microsoft increased by 0.07%, Google increased by 0.14%, overall, the change was not obvious.

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