The 2 edition must exceed the Google user search habits may change

Beijing on December 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft on Wednesday morning demonstrated many of the Bing (2) new features, some of which have been implemented for many years before Google. But some of these features also show that Microsoft has done a lot of market investigation, found that the needs of Internet users compared to a few years ago has changed, then according to the new needs of users launched some missing features of Google.

sources said, Microsoft officials demonstrated a number of new visual search plug-ins, as well as the new version of the mobile search client and Silverlight will support the map. In addition, they also demonstrated the cards (entity) and task (task page (pages)) function, Microsoft tried to make it by virtue of Google must be different, and improve the relevance of search results.

Microsoft officials said that the maximum growth will be from 18 to 24 and from 25 to two users of the age of 34, they pay more attention to video, online shopping and image search experience.

below is the three major aspects of the blog review should lead Google:

1, don’t give me the answer to the link, give me the answer directly

‘s early Internet was a site for math, science and technology enthusiasts. If they encounter a problem, prefer to be told how and where to find the answer. Now the target users should be more extensive, not all technical staff.

Google’s mission to "organize the world’s information" sounds boring, and somewhat scary. While some people like to spend 30 minutes searching for information on Google, but most people do not like this, and it should be for the majority of the people to provide Google replacement.

Microsoft today’s presentation slides in the advertising slogan is: must be a more accurate decision to the fast lane." Whether or not it should be better or faster to help users make decisions, it has made an attractive commitment.

2, the picture is better than the text

visual search is one of the features that the team should like to demonstrate. They are not trying to convince everyone that the first 10 of the search results must be more relevant, more comprehensive or more effective than Google. Instead, you should use all possible opportunities to display a large number of pictures and videos on the search results page.

for example, today in the Google search for U.S. Vice President Biden (Joe Biden), the ranking results returned before the latest reports about his recent scandals, but will not be returned to the news, but showed in his Wikipedia entries and his 6 photos. Early technicians preferred command line interface and text information, but now users prefer pictures and videos.

3, I only care about whether I can get the information I want

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