Mavericks to raise public records to break the city travel thought provoking


the morning of May 17, 2016 10, Dallas electric M1 Jingdong to raise the perfect ending, total amount of the public to raise 817 billion 668 million 340 thousand yuan, more than last year’s N1 series 7200 to raise public records. Mavericks electric M1 series has thus become the largest amount of public history in China to raise the project, once again to create a new record of all the public, and two times to break the public to raise record.

Mavericks or a start-up company, but the results of the two Jingdong raised the public is obvious to all, which is not seen in start-up companies. A series of two chips can break the record, people have mixed feelings, Dallas M1 attractive place where? And with the rise of the electric vehicle intelligent electric lead Dallas tide, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the future development of electric vehicles, where is it? Now, Wei brother will discuss with you.

Mavericks to raise the public to break the record, attractive places where exactly


Mavericks electric M1 has a simple control, efficient power, strong endurance and fashion design highlights. M1 compared with the previous generation N1 is more compact and smart, control is also more comfortable and convenient, mileage has 120km, at the same time with automatic induction lamp, automatic back lights, cruise control, intelligent temple, remote control key to find the car, electronic brake system 6 intelligent design of steering.

in fact, the biggest difference with the traditional electric car is electric Dallas, Dallas electric automobile in use process remodeling electric vehicles, using software thinking to redefine the electric car, which is the main cause of calf M1 received more attention than other electric vehicles. For example, Emma electric product concept is "manufacturing durable fashion car", this is the "hardware first" philosophy, apparently in "Internet plus" led the industrial Internet era is not suitable, because the software thinking can make the design and production of electric vehicles is more reasonable, more can understand the needs of users, in order to further solve the user pain points.

product features, to seize the user on the one hand, more attractive place, lies in the development of the Mavericks electric vision. Niu Li, founder of electric technology, said: the Mavericks M1 series of electric design intention is to focus on solving the contemporary urban life of blocking, squeezing, dirty, chaotic and other practical problems. More importantly, we believe that the trip is supposed to be a happy thing, look forward to the Mavericks electric M1 series, allowing users to feel the pain, precision, scene, quality travel. This means that the birth of the Mavericks was originally intended to solve the current situation of China’s travel and health.

feel good, but the future of the electric car market will be in accordance with the direction of the Mavericks envisaged it?

travel is the daily life of people every day to experience things, but in the background of accelerating the process of Chinese City, now in the short distance travel is now more than one million population of large and medium-sized cities, the main scene caused the overall social resource waste. From a macro point of view, take the road >

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