Lei Jun m thing 3 M domain name set up 1 millet phone

It is reported that in August 16th

news, millet mobile phone today will hold a press conference in Beijing to launch the new millet mobile phone, attracted much attention, millet Xiaomi, millet mobile phone operating system domain name MIUI related domain, social chat tools meters miliao related domain name, have become the focus of attention.


Xiaomi is millet Larry domain, simple and easy to remember, the millet mobile phone platform xiaomi.com as the official domain name, the domain name registered in 2003, has 8 years of registration time, in addition, millet company also holds the protection of other mainstream suffixes xiaomi.net/.cn, these domain names were renamed China platform, Xiaomi and other suffixes present for domain name lovers hold.


in the scene can be seen everywhere on the MIUI logo is one of the highlights of the millet mobile phone, the miui.com has been under the millet company MIUI platform official domain name, the domain name was registered in 2001, relevant sources, millet company acquired the domain name miui.com, Paul CN millet also support the domain name miui.cn, currently MIUI other mainstream suffixes in the hands of the miui.net domain name enthusiasts, has been operating station.


millet company for mobile phone release is multi build, its products are launched around the "Mi" M series, millet studio to create a social platform for mobile phone tools M chat the domain name miliao.com, is also a "Mi" series, miliao.com domain name registration in 2004, at present, m chat miliao the mainstream.Cn/.com.cn/.net holds for the domain name suffix lovers.


is also a major concern, millet mobile phone company also holds a double spell domain name shouji.cn, the domain name as Jinshan mobile phone network official website domain name, shouji.cn domain name registration in 2003, as with the other 6 millet company "MI" domain name, domain name registration business was renamed China, at present, mobile phone shouji.com/.com.cn/.net domain name held for others.

is a mobile phone millet millet company developed a high performance intelligent mobile phone mobile phone have a fever, the price of 1999 yuan, mainly for mobile phone fancier, using online sales model, mobile phone produced by Motorola. The mobile phone operating system using Google based on Android system, through the MIUI operating system Mod.

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