Jingdong crimes against the wind by WeChat play up the circle of friends CPS


] June 16th news billion state power network, has just entered the "honeymoon period" of the Tencent and the Jingdong, before the emergence of a slight "disharmony", the reason is the Jingdong "crimes against the wind" by the public number of users are encouraged to carry out marketing circle of friends, earn CPS. Billion state power network that Jingdong official service number JD.COM a Jingdong recently to encourage users to share WeChat earn a commission through the circle of friends by other users to report, is the official WeChat shield.


currently the content has been shielded

it is understood that the Jingdong recently on its official service number in the news release, users will share links to the event page or commodity WeChat friends or circle of friends, if friends through the sharing links to purchase goods and confirm payment, share will get a certain amount of commission.

this news was released, many users screenshot sent to my circle of friends, circle of friends questioned the Jingdong in the marketing of WeChat are not allowed, soon the message is the official WeChat shield, shielding the reason for "the content is more than reported, relevant content cannot be inspected".


Jingdong "hit the edge" brave

in April this year, WeChat officially released the "WeChat public platform operating norms", explicitly prohibit public support, to reward or otherwise, to force or induce users will share a message to the circle of friends. Incentives include, but are not limited to: physical prizes, virtual prizes (points, information), etc.. It is clear that the Jingdong to encourage users to share their circle of friends to share the Commission to make the product is hit the muzzle.

billion state power network investigation, the Jingdong WeChat share rebate business behind the actual operator is the original Tencent to promote electricity supplier platform "easy", previously mainly do CPS rebate business based on pat network. Tencent electricity supplier stake in Jingdong, easy to promote the business together with the electricity supplier to Jingdong Tencent.

After the

Jingdong WeChat level entrance on the line, easy popularization also began to expand WeChat CPS synchronous sharing service based on rebate. According to the official introduction, the user can promote the WeChat shopping entrance "brand" and "poly Hui" "new discovery" three columns of activities for the Commission, can also share some shops or single goods get a commission, the Commission in the proportion of about 0.5%-8%.

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