B2B platform on the sea fresh from building offshore Wi Fi began trading future together

sea fresh is based on seafood B2B electronic business platform. Intended to connect fishermen and buyers, so that the two sides can negotiate business at sea, thus contributing to the transaction.

marine fresh business is divided into two pieces: the first is to build a maritime Internet mobile platform, namely maritime WiFi; second is to provide a platform for electricity providers, namely fishing boats and shore version APP.

sea fresh founder Ye Ning believes that fresh with a higher rate of purchase and high viscosity characteristics of users, there is a lot of room for growth. Can the line of seafood trading still in the traditional stage, middle vendors reselling times, freshness, food safety is not guaranteed good. The current business platform seafood products are mainly imported high-end products, in the face of a small number of high-end consumer groups. For ordinary seafood, because the preservation period is short, difficult logistics, inventory costs and other issues, the electricity supplier to do is mainly frozen. In other words, the electricity supplier in the field of fresh occupation is relatively low.

since it is necessary to do seafood business, fresh ideas from the sea fishermen cut. Every time the fishermen are less than 10 days to sea for more than 30 days, but the sea is not covered by a mobile network signal, while the sea is a founder of the new technology in Germany to learn returnees, the company has its own technical advantages. So, fresh sea Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system and Internet platform technology research and development of the "maritime mobile Internet platform based on the equivalent of satellite broadband services (such as Inmarsat, IPstar, etc.) is simply the sea wifi. Through this platform, users only need to pay very little cost, you can in the personal and family intelligent mobile phone SMS, access to weather, navigation and positioning and timely understanding of the fish market.

is more important, through the sea fresh APP, allowing buyers and sellers to obtain information on fishing boats at sea, making seafood trading in the sea to negotiate. Imagine, buy Seafood businesses master fishing information, you can directly through the mobile phone software orders, the fishermen can also according to the single business to fishing. This greatly blind procurement, while saving delivery time, to ensure the freshness of seafood.

also, through fresh sea trading can many fish dealer reselling link, omit the downstream businesses, self-employed, hotels, like seafood processing plants, such as cold storage, can be cheaper to buy seafood, and fishermen can also increase the sale price to get more profit.

fresh sea can be carried out by sea WiFi and electricity supplier platform for revenue, but ye Ning said that at present does not consider profit, to promote the user based. Fishermen use the sea WiFi, only need to pay a deposit of some symbolic and communication costs can be, one person a month on average 50 dollars up and down. Electronic business platform is completely free, do not charge commission.

fresh sea on September this year on the line, rooted in the "China’s first fishing village," said the Ningbo, Xiangshan, the current integration of more than and 200 fishing boats, the customer has a chain >

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