Do you know why your website is blocked

      webmaster network since the opening of the  Baidu has been registered since the site has received a number of webmaster consulting, but also to accept the official voice of baidu. Now I tidy up some useful information. The Baidu blocked.
  link 1 check, if there is malicious links, a link is not a big problem, but most of the sites you link is Baidu through website, this will affect you, linked to you.
  2 with the server IP, with a large number of links to the site of the individual, this is mistaken for the link factory, deliberately caused by the link will be blocked.
  3 created links, for example, you make a lot of   free movies links to a web site;    a large number of beautiful pictures and links to    this is illegal. Links can be linked to love island free movies, and can not be a direct free movies, you can link, 17u beautiful pictures, not just beautiful pictures.
  4 to modify the program, do not delete the old file, a large number of internal errors in the site 404, baidu program may block your site.
5. closed the site 2 years ago, basically no hope of unraveling. Unless otherwise valuable. Because before the site, now has the same content on the network, for example, 2 years ago, a number of free movies, games, pictures, etc.. These content, in the current network, Baidu search results, have been repeated hundreds of copies. So even if the solution, the search value of Baidu is not large.
6. how to get down, you just need a way to do things, not on the network, also known as the original content, when Baidu not search your stuff, and you this thing, and users need something. Baidu will let you go. How to do, there is also a little skill, through activities is the best and fastest. The so-called
7. Baidu deliberately seal people, people, this situation basically No. Such as Baidu 4000 companies, is no department, no one dare to take their own options to pique. But sometimes the site does not fine, or the lack of creativity will affect the feelings of the people blocked, after all, a lot of people are still blocked, but not great.
8. said that the baidu agent first told you that you buy a bid, and then you do not buy, 2 days after the search was dry. This is indeed a very large number

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