Everyone wants to withdraw from the market do you know that in the past 4 years it has done dozens

basically, you can think of hot spots, it has done at least once

on Wednesday, everyone received a preliminary privatization proposal from CEO Chen Yizhou, COO Liu Jian proposed.

according to the proposal, the two will be $4.20 per share to acquire all outstanding shares of the company’s outstanding shares. In other words, this 2011 in the United States listed social networks, will be delisted as a Private Companies.

, according to Bloomberg news, Chen Yizhou and Liu Jian now has about 32% of the company’s common stock, and accounted for 49% of the proportion of shareholders’ voting rights, Softbank is the largest shareholder of everyone, accounting for 37.5% of the shares. At present, the company has set up a special board to deal with this proposal.

regardless of the delisting is not to go back to the mainland market, Renren is no longer listed when the so-called Chinese Facebook.

since 2011, Renren has lost nearly 80% of the market value. Young users gradually abandoned the so-called China’s largest social network, turned to micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street and other mobile platforms. Currently, it has been ranked in the Alexa traffic has not been China’s top 18, and fell to the top 131st.

in the past few years, everyone has done something? If summed up in one sentence, almost all products have been tried, but did not do a good job.

in addition to doing social Renren, everyone has had three main business

everyone in the company before the listing, Chen Yizhou plans to build it as a collection of campus social, buy, games and social networking in one of the big mac. Corresponding Renren, glutinous rice buy, everyone games, Jingwei network is the company’s main products.

glutinous rice Group buy:

glutinous rice on 2010 after the line, which means that everyone also joined the network was a hot buy market. But with the end of a thousand group war coming, everyone can not afford to support the group purchase market continue to burn. August 2013, glutinous rice positive for 9 consecutive quarterly losses. While Baidu has extended an olive branch, announced a net investment of $160 million to glutinous rice, and received a 59% stake. Until March 2014, Baidu completely glutinous rice net income bag, glutinous rice network renamed Baidu Nuomi.

everyone game:

Since 2007,

launched its first web game, the cat’s travels, the game has become one of the company’s concerns. However, with the advent of the mobile era, everyone on the phone’s apparent lack of force, is still concerned about the development of web games.

until the end of 2012, Chen Yizhou began to pay attention to the mobile phone game, and declared as

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