XXX domain name registration to start the negative impact of domestic worries

September 12th news, from the beginning of September 7, 2011,.XXX new top-level domain (sTLD) officially launched the first phase of registration, the priority of registration is the adult entertainment trademark holder (Sunrise for Adult Trademark Holder). Due to considerable profits,, and other top-level domain name registrar has provided.XXX domain name registration services.

although the.XXX suffix domain name is controversial, but its widespread concern is an indisputable fact. This can only be seen from the surge in Wikipedia.XXX page views.

2009, Wikipedia.XXX page views only 466 thousand times. In 2010, the amount reached 1 million 512 thousand times, more than 3 times as much as in 2009. 2011, the amount of travel is soaring to 2 million 880 thousand (as of September 9th), the English version of the Wikipedia page ranking of the top 100.

is not necessarily a good thing that is widely concerned. believes that the opening of the.XXX domain has both advantages and disadvantages, especially the disadvantages of the side can not be ignored. Since the.XXX suffix domain name is a special logo for adult entertainment sites, by entering the.XXX address can be directly accessible to numerous adult websites. For a minor, it is not difficult to remember that.XXX alone is enough for parents to worry about.

addition,.XXX domain name open, will give all of the world’s companies have brought a heavy burden of brand protection. If the protection is poor, the relevant brands may be registered as.XXX domain name. This will inevitably lead to a large number of domain name arbitration and legal disputes. For Chinese companies, the emergence of or and other adult sites is not impossible.

currently, India, Kenya and other countries have made it clear that the domain name will be banned.XXX.

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