Email marketing strategy to improve the click through rate

mail marketing is still an important and effective way of marketing. From 2008 and in the year of 2010, marketers continue to experiment with various tactics. Repeated attempts to email marketing from 2012 to the present by the marketing staff are happy. Today’s e-mail marketing can effectively help you increase the site traffic, improve the conversion rate of online transactions, but also enhance the brand awareness of enterprises. To achieve this goal, the email recipient must first click on the link in the message. Therefore, the effect of e-mail marketing, click through rate is a very important indicator.


, I from Xiaofeng software of email marketing experience, five upgrade email marketing skills and click Share:

1, to promote the user to open the mail

It is obvious that

can only be clicked by an open message, but it is not so easy. You send the message to the recipient, but does not mean that the recipient will open. Therefore, we need to take effective measures to increase the opening rate of e-mail. lottery software to do the mail marketing, in order to ensure the opening rate, we generally get the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes and other activities, to attract users to open optimization.

2, mail theme action call clear

The main theme of

mail from the two aspects of the title and content. A good title can improve the rate of opening the mail, but a good content to improve the click, click to bring transformation. How can the title "action call", such as the appeal, call on the user to do some action. Email must be clear about what your goals are, and keep the call of action consistent with the supply needs. In addition, the call should be able to meet the needs of the user to understand the user’s expectations, so that users know where the e-mail can take him.

the best marketing email should be as little as possible word: contact us, now, now apply for registration, immediate purchase and other functions, the mail recipient to click on a hyperlink can get what they want. Email marketing, the confirmation of the title and the content of the design is the focus of our Lottery app product marketing.

3, with ESP to share the mail revenue and conversion data

is the final goal of most marketing personnel to carry out e-mail marketing is to maximize revenue, so as to open and click the test subject of the email and email marketing success basis, may produce misleading results. However, there are very few marketers will email marketing revenue data back to their ESP, so that ESP can not really know the effect of e-mail marketing. So, in the lottery app products when the e-mail marketing, in order to optimize the e-mail marketing strategy, and to achieve the return on investment in e-mail marketing, their ESP to share e-mail marketing revenue data.

4, confirm the unsubscribe page design skills: mail preference, multi-channel distribution.

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