4 classic cases foreign social media is such a viral marketing

relative to the domestic social media advertising is not a successful model can learn from abroad, more reliable, they are summarized in social advertising the most successful marketing case of Tweet, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube on social media, with specific figures show that social media should be how to use in order to achieve the effect of viral marketing to us. So you do not look at the foreigner is how to use social media to start before the happy, everyone, QQ, sina.


communication content is not a general rule, a good viral content of videos, pictures, social media certainly has its attractions; when the content and charm and emotional resonance of the contents spread on the Internet, we do not share enough, here are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. 4 examples of Pinterest website the most successful viral marketing, a look.

1 Tweet: childhood bullying movie


if you want to share a great social significance of the film is the film Bureau refused to do? Bully is a movie with childhood bullying as the theme, in May 30th it released before, because too straightforward line is defined as the American Film Institute R. Because the issuer is forbidden, Hirsch can’t let it get to the front so young, had fought in the social media Tweet. On May 27th Hirsch made a Tweet: each year in the United States 13 million children will be bullied, 3 million children will be bullied because of school, I support @Bully Movie, let us support with real action! The day the Tweeter message is forwarded about 1000000 times, people have watched the movie in @Bully Movie in private space.


2 YouTube: Carlsberg


your girlfriend walked into the cinema, the seats were filled with a burly, racer appearance of man, and the worst is only the middle left position, you must be the top of countless eyes across the aisle and men look at fiercely as a tiger does in the past, many couples see this situation come and go, but you want to prove you are brave, you go and sit down, did not find what is abnormal, then those men pass the Carlsberg beer, and for your bravery.


video was released on YouTube in September 2011, bringing about 11 million of the number of players by May 2012, and Carlsberg’s sales increased by more than $4.3% in the fourth quarter of 2011. >

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