Hu Xuanyan the practice of knowledge sharing to promote novice learning experience

once saw a manager Recruitment written speech, he summed up through the recruitment of most now women are willing to mediocrity in life, love is no competition without pressure, and this woman often is the last to be eliminated.

I am not a good girl, but I’m not willing to mediocrity in life, or I don’t have to be mediocre capital.

has failed in the college entrance examination to learn IT, I, as a programmer, from that time, I don’t know SEO, but do not know what is the network promotion, every day just to write code, then in order to accumulate knowledge, do PHP enthusiasts blog, began to come into contact with SEO, when in his blog collection and PR lift and delighted, slowly also know there are a lot of girls do not fit the program, such as when to get married and have children, and now see a lot of individual owners are very profitable, so it had a great interest, so think toward the direction of network marketing.

decided to start, first thought he was not a professional network marketing background, in the SEO network to promote the lack of too much knowledge, and to add some SEO, network promotion group, to seowhy, experience and experience to learn from others stationmaster net, a lot of time to think if there is a the teacher took me thatnice, so many detours also accelerate my growth, a chance to listen to friends that Mou Changqing teacher in the recruit disciple, excited me to see the teacher blog Mou only recruit information, it is a pity that enrollment has ended, but I still don’t get discouraged, with the slightest hope to Mou teacher email sent an email. In the absence of a reply, I am not disappointed, still on the side of their own learning, constantly groping, while consulting a friend. I also believe that as long as I insist on success.

later in micro-blog see Mou teacher and 28 disciples created 28, 28 in November 11th 12 at noon officially launched, this forum mainly in network marketing, network marketing, e-commerce experience sharing features, making friends with industry as the core, just spit dry goods for the purpose of. So I immediately registered an account, every day in the forum can gain a lot, I doubt there are many enthusiastic people to help me to solve, then seeks the teacher in 28 push released apprentice Buzhao post, a rare opportunity, I immediately reported the name.


Buzhao apprentice is in accordance with the completion of the task to entry admission, today is the fifth day of the mission, there are a lot of students have done very well, many of them are already completed, standing at the gate of my network marketing, the task is not very good, but I am still very satisfied in 28, the push of this practice, I learned a little knowledge 4.

one: the goal is clear: first of all have to give yourself a precise, realistic goals, if there is no target, it is to disrupt the battle. He said this, my goal is to complete the task, and then set yourself a goal every day, urging his.

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