Yao Conggang a summary of network marketing point of view

a, talent article

1, network marketing core

is the most precious "creative"; the core is the "planning"; the most rare is the talent, especially planning talent!

really critical, but also the most difficult, not "execution", but "planning". That is, not how to do but what to do". But in the specific implementation technology, coordination skills and organizational level, these enterprises directly recruit people or outsourcing can be achieved, but the overall planning, but it is difficult to single handedly completed.

at present, most of the top experts in the field of online marketing are their own boss, a small part of the large enterprises, small and medium enterprises basically no master, at least not the top experts. In the future, according to the nature of the service and the process of division, network marketing consultant can be divided into consultants and implementation consultants:

consultants to provide consulting services, enterprise network marketing programs or recommendations, not the actual operation of each link; the implementation of consultants, is responsible for the implementation of specific aspects of network marketing. A partial marketing, responsible for planning; a partial technology, responsible for the implementation of. The real network marketing top experts, must be planning talent.

2, network marketing staff of the three knowledge level

* marketing;

* Internet;

* technology, especially web related technologies;

two, article

3, the network marketing process

1), a system of network marketing process, according to the order can be divided into three stages:

, website planning (planning, design, construction) – foundation;

II, network promotion (planning, execution) – core;

, network public relations (crisis public relations).

at present, we usually talk about network marketing basically belong to the second category; that is to say, at present the enterprise network marketing lack of system; on the one hand, and understanding about, on the other hand due to the lack of talent.

2), according to internal and external can be divided into two pieces:

, inside: website (including: design, construction, monitoring, analysis, optimization, promotion)

II, external: Communication (including: to whom, what to say, how to say)

of course, the two pieces are not independent, but each other, as one is: website design, construction; external communication; monitoring, analysis, optimization, promotion. This division is only to be understood from the business link.

three, practice article

4, small and medium enterprises on the Internet marketing of the typical misunderstanding


1), network marketing is all

Current status of

: too high expectations for online marketing, or

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