That year the rabbit was B station 20 million A round of two military will not be the new directio

before we tell you about the story of the rabbit, today, its founder, Ma told us that they get B station 20 million yuan A round of financing.

B station after the investment, the wind under the wings will be carried out in terms of content and B more in-depth cooperation, at the same time, Ma also said that although the snake took B station investment, but will maintain good relations of cooperation with the A station and other two dimensional channels.

round of financing has three main purposes. The first is that the rabbit IP marketing will devote more energy and resources, the whole team will be extended, to set up a branch in Shanghai; on the other hand is the development of new content, in addition to the already identified adorable weapons Niang, pure military to animation "storm the air team", after the financing they will do some non military to two dimensional content.

is the last derivative content of rabbit IP, Ma said that the rabbit snake movie has already started planning, network drama is in contact with the team, the new rules’ that will take on rabbit network drama SARFT, snake Ma told me, but the new rules haven’t been on the rabbit animation cause effect. The third season of the rabbit was also in preparation for the year.

look at B station, shortly before they reached a cooperation with the Tencent, will conduct a joint investment to the original two yuan IP, the two sides will play games transport, Xuanfa derivatives and other aspects of in-depth cooperation, the investment that occurred in two rabbits while cooperation before, but presumably also to this line station in cooperation Tencent B run.

It is also noteworthy that

and Tiexue won 39 million light media financing after the news came out, in addition to a military team in the second Wuhan content is also frequently mentioned, although not the same with the rabbit content and form, but both are in the two dimension occupied by the A B station, fire, and military do the mother thing weapon.


said fans is a one hundred million population of big business, CCTV said attack of the two dimension, then this combination will only do content are now coming out of these, where the two people once again seize the content of


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