Tips to make your shop sales surge

first, as far as possible to make their own shop simple, generous. I do not know where other parents look at the future daughter-in-law is required two words: generous. Although the wind is not the same, but the truth is the same, that is to let others look comfortable. If others see your ad, then into your shop, found the shop inside something classified is not accurate, and the pictures do not professional, the bad ah, you lost the original page views, this situation is worse than you have no views. So you do a good job shop.

second, advertise. Not only in the Taobao forum. I do publicity in other forums, there is a shop Promotion Agency Forum ( on the promotion, for example free two weeks of home advertising, when I know the heart, like a small web site will have much power, try holding the mentality to register then said, I have a very small advertising, at that time there have been several pictures of others advertising, but the format is JPEG, because I was also learning design, a GIF format picture is an easy job to do things, it took a few minutes to do a GIF format the picture. As everyone knows the dynamic than static pictures to attract people’s attention, since I do the ads, the most obvious is my collectors more straight, more than 10 of Oh! This gave me great encouragement, I believe, the original has been I do not good enough!

third, the service must be better. This is not a good service, so customers you will introduce products too hard, so I’m afraid nobody dare to continue to talk with you. First of all, you have to let the customer feel very natural, my love is not the words of the sellers, so I also try to do a few words but the sentence is. Just a few days ago there was a mother to me here need water with Cleansing Cream, but her skin is sensitive, now what he can’t mess with, because there is a small Baby, but she want to put him on both sides of the nose blackhead removed, but for this special period, I first suggested him not tearing type nasal membrane, then the pores will be more thick. Although I sell a small nose film, but I do get the trust of customers.

of course before the customer received the baby, we need to check the number, then the baby will arrive in the hands of customers, customers tell let him pay attention to sign, it is best not to sign on behalf of others. But it should be noted that, don’t rush customer evaluation, as my clients, he said: I want to give me two days trial evaluation Oh! She will first confirm the receipt! I think many sellers also hope to have a buyer of the person in charge of it, she is really in your evaluation of


said, Taobao’s more and more difficult road to go, but a long way to try, your seller


added that we must make good use of Taobao to ask ah, this is really a good place! You can have a lot of potential customers!

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