How to participate in the design of the auction page in order to meet the needs of users

website construction is the speed of the site and the content of the site quality, as well as the site’s optimization program, these work can promote the website upgrade level. However, some different page design bidding, auction page emphasizes the picture display effect and language skills, the most important thing is the picture design skills, we all know that too many images will affect the speed of the page, but the auction page will be displayed to the user in the form of pictures, but the speed is in the second, of course, speed better soon. 48 Forum on how to participate in the bidding of the page to be designed in order to meet the needs of users, and ultimately improve the conversion rate and turnover rate.

page design

attended the auction page with general website emphasizes stability is not the same, the auction page to pictures, beautiful and attractive, is consistent with the Chinese mental habit, and many beautiful pictures to think much more formal, even slow down is understandable.

product design

bidding page design to have a unique credibility, professional description is essential, otherwise the user that your design is not professional products are not reliable, will reduce the user’s purchasing psychology. Of course, you can not use too much language to express, too many people in the description of the quality of your products, we describe the time as far as possible with some strange terminology to carry out.

beautiful is important, because it can give the user a psychological expectations, the majority of users will think that the picture shows the product is what they want to get the most, so you can improve the turnover rate of the product. At the same time to pay attention to any user, do not want to buy poor quality products at home, so description and display can not be too exaggerated, otherwise the return rate is very high.

pictures show

The most important thing is the design of the

auction page picture display effect, the picture is designed to pay attention to innovative technology, give people the feeling of beauty, so that users feel that this is what they want. As we all know, rely on picture display products, can not describe the product with a long and minute statement information, even if the use is not too many people to look at the pictures and text description, at a glance, save time and save worry, the picture will save a lot of links, the effect will be much better.

shopping commitment

basically all users are like this, online shopping is afraid to buy fake and poor quality products, worry about the negative effects of their products or after-sales service is not in place, etc.. To this end, very strong formal commitment to the bidding is critical, so the bidding page should be designed to make the user’s concerns to the most of you.

website customer service

auction pages and general website is not the same, customer service is the key to the auction page, because users have great fears, even if they saw the pictures, and describe the products, but did not want to see the exchange with the product, also can only communicate to other users so as to eliminate the psychological. To bring security to the user.

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