You don’t know the taste of Entrepreneurship in addition to Ma Jiajia and his interest chunshuitang

Abstract: in the past few years, Ma Jiajia comes backlight for fun activities platform, let the majority of women say yes; and Liu Kenan "before the millet employees’ identity to condoms will be to achieve the ultimate, let Indoorsman have every minute on the battlefield.


founder: Lin Degang: B 80 million

round of financing


founder: Yellow River financing: B round of financing 85 million


founder: Xie Qing send financing: Angel round million level


founder: Chen Yan financing: the shell network inside the incubator, not financing

just past Tanabata, in addition to the huge contribution to food and beverage and hotel performance, but also to a hidden market – Fun goods market to a small climax. With the influx of capital intensive, in the past people ashamed of the taste of electricity providers, to become entrepreneurs to hormonal economy is driving the virgin. It is also because of the agitation by Ma and Liu Kenan Allison 90 entrepreneurs, this year is isolated from the nook of a small Menlian time has numerous suction eye. Chunshuitang, his interest and fun items startup after the completion of the several rounds of financing, three new board to enter the capital market today, as their next target.

According to

recent chunshuitang drops to do business sentiment survey, this year the Qixi Festival chunshuitang orders is the highest in Beijing, with 28.6% of the amount thrown out of other city streets.

you don’t know the commercial history of

1993, Zhao Dengyu road in Beijing, a company called "the eve of the health care center," the store was quietly established, the owner was also known as the "God of the rivers and lakes of the people of". In the early 90s, when the commercial market did not appeal to the category of this kind of product, the God of the store can only apply for daily business license.

if you use sex products in 90s, you will likely be identified as "morally corrupt". After the establishment of the set of fun fun supplies shop, it was officially started he was called rogue, neuropathy entrepreneurial journey.

was the set of God, and I do not know that they will be the era of open.

just need to be bound to develop.

then some well-known manufacturers such as Liaoyang, Wenzhou, Shenzhen Baile lovers product beauty, Shenzhen summer odd growth fast, at the time was known for making "four big families Adult supplies". Development to 2000, small and medium channels have begun to intervene, orange, colorful Valley, Taohuawu, love to appear in succession.

but due to policy restrictions, these manufacturers can only accept overseas orders, >

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