ASO experience ASO article publishing platform and brand exposure of the iron triangle


remember that year put pen to the Internet, the first job candidates is SEO, then let me talk about leadership experience, I was replied that I wrote novels, written prose, written short stories, but not what results, then I will lower the head, like a wrong child. Just when I thought the job was going to be yellow, the interviewer smiled at me and said, "you’re already a half SEO.".

really didn’t know the interviewer’s meaning until he worked. Whether it is the website content updates, or website program, special copy, release the chain, the soft all cannot do without writing, I often chat with Adsense counterparts that ability as a webmaster you do not need to have a professional writer, but must have the spirit of writing unremittingly.

brother not digress ~ quack, a crow flying over the sky.

said above, site operators cannot do without writing, I would like to ask a sound now: over the past two years, more fire APP operations without writing? Of course cannot do without, APP operation is the core skill of ASO and ASO in the optimization, optimization, product description is not required to write APP operators the subtitle is not? Products need APP operators to consider


ASO experience and brand exposure, with wealth and long-term investment

If the

is for you so you can be a pediatrician, a brand exposure using these ASO experience? If the ASO experience compared to private wealth, the long-term investment to the brand exposure, so as APP operations staff, how to better use the "wealth", "long


one, to share the mentality of

share is a virtue, but not everyone has, I have a friend in a will not share any value of the team, her direct superior technical articles only Tibet, since she in his work after ASO, daily work is for comments, and then build QQ group to guide users to write comments, after a year or, for review and guide the user to write comments, she finally can not stand, a letter of resignation from the pass, between the lines is through filled with anger.

can be seen from the above example and not everyone is willing to share, but if you want to use ASO experience and brand exposure linked to it, it must get rid of the church apprentice starvation master mentality, to continuously share. The leader who lost above is a good employee, do not share lost here will be a free brand exposure opportunities again and again.

two, understand how to write technical articles

in the clear mentality and target, it’s time to start writing, technical articles than novels, essays and programs are easy to write, I always think the best writing is technical articles, I put the technical paper >

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