Live hundreds of applications listed three new board was Angelababy investment


] April 15th news billion state power network, Shenzhen city live hundreds of Limited by Share Ltd in the development of the share transfer system listed, recently updated its prospectus. Live for the domestic share of the economic representative of the enterprise, has been 500 million C round of financing.


live hundreds of official website

lives in the company chairman and general manager Zhang Hengde holds a 28.29% stake in the company, for the controlling shareholder and the actual controller. Zhang Hengde was awarded the title of ten young entrepreneurs in China in 2015.

According to the

revolution prospectus, 2013, and 2014 live hundreds of 1~8 months of 2015 operating income was 77 thousand yuan, 659 thousand and 800 yuan and 10 million 458 thousand and 400 yuan; net profit was -66.14 million, -223.12 million and -3102.83 million yuan; net cash flow from operating activities was 17 thousand and 200 yuan, -318.63 million and -2635.39 million yuan.

During the reporting period,

live in accordance with the business model, a large number of media publicity, advertising, resulting in a net decline in cash flow from operating activities. At the same time, the company invested in the period, the development of business to consumer behavior, the company in the short term is not profitable, if the subsequent business cannot be carried out or failed to complete the follow-up financing, the company will face the risk of the operation could not continue.

billion state power network has learned to live hundreds of attention Chinese outbound foreign short rental reservation and free customized services through the Internet website, the mobile terminal end of PC App, the online channel, providing overseas boutique accommodation services and short rent free accommodation for travel and entertainment and other specialty products the service to the user.

live in the existing coverage of Asia, Europe, the United States, Australia, nearly 60 popular tourist city of millions of sets of overseas accommodation units for Chinese consumers, is China’s largest overseas short rental platform can be scheduled. On the basis of short rental services, live a hundred also assisted customized travel program, providing coverage of the global accommodation services, transportation services, travel butler services, financial services, security services, etc..

According to

billion state power network to understand, live 100 was founded in March 2012, is the domestic share on behalf of the enterprise economic model. Its founder and CEO Zhang Hengde is the former vice president of my love for my family, co-founder Ruan Zhimin is the founder of the former Wimdu asia.

it is reported that hundreds of live as a typical light assets of the company, the company can be used for fixed assets less collateral, the need to continue financing to get a lot of working capital. In 2013, more than one hundred lives get angel investment number one million yuan investment in August 2104; the star of Lenovo million dollars A round of investment; in August 2015, completed by CITIC golden collar vote, AB Capital, star group, United capital, innovation, DreamWorks Angelababy 2049>

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