Give you 3000 precise QQ how will you do marketing

see this title you will find where the 3000 accurate QQ, okay, here I’ll say it one by one, is every day I can get to 3000 or more accurate customer QQ number, first we look at, if you really have 3000 QQ everyone how to marketing customer marketing. It looks very simple, but the actual operation, we stand on the third point of view, will find that there are three kinds of people.

: the first direct to the user or all the QQ group and the collective advertising marketing advertising and marketing, I very hate for this, but I have to admit that this is indeed the most basic way of marketing.

second: the second marketing will be a full range of user marketing, I mean the full range of marketing is worth to see on the QQ, such as: QQ space, WeChat, signature, friends network, etc..

third: that is not doing anything, think that with these 3000 precise users can wait for the user to come to buy things.


you must think, more than three people which is right? What kind of wrong? In fact, the thing is, not to do anything wrong, so is the marketing, because every marketing people hope that their products can be sold, so make more than just operation, operation method all right, why all for


was too eager to succeed is not necessarily a good thing, so the direct advertising will let users disgusted face final conversion rate can be said to less than 2%, and even many users will directly pull the black you.

thought that the customer will take the initiative to come so lazy to do their own marketing, the final problem is the customer never know what you are selling, you are what people think, some users do not know you, you can directly pull the black.

then the rest is a full range of marketing people, in fact, the above said is not comprehensive, as long as the user is able to see where you have the product information that is a very good method, but not your content is of interest to the user, you may place the content is not conducive to the user to browse. For example: your core user 25 year old woman, then the most concerned about is the natural makeup, beauty and other types of clothing, and you all day to update the car, computer and other related information. May jump out rate is 100%.

I recommend is fourth people, the China user behavior analysis, analysis of user groups, the sense of the topic, as if our crowd is a 25 year old woman love to dress up, still the same type of beauty clothing and other types, but we do not do this type of product, we can released similar information, insert Product placement in the article.

we most want to know is how to get the 3000 dry cargo precision QQ number, in fact, how to get the precise user, I in the article "the core thinking" precision marketing has been detailed.

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