Jerry Mont how to use micro blog network promotion

last month, we talked about how to use the network popularization, the Tencent (Jerry Mont ask: can you ask the Tencent in the feeble Wen), also very happy to have a lot of friends with me according to the feedback method I taught, successful in ask left on the link, today, I’ll share with how to use the micro blog to promote the network, we hope to provide you more promotion ideas.

a, what is a micro blog?

micro blog is an informal Mini blog, she is recently a new form of Web2.0, is a system for immediate release, it is the biggest characteristic of integration and API open, you can use mobile devices, IM software (Gtalk, MSN, your QQ, Skype) and external API interfaces and other ways to send messages to your micro blog.

two, the advantages and disadvantages of micro blog

1, group chat function,

2, second cross platform data exchange and interaction potential does not just stay in the text, pictures, video category, with the implicit SNS interactive features, and Chinese is one of the countries most frequently interact with mobile devices, the micro blog will further increase the user experience and interaction, and the popularity of 3G that will bring together new cross platform interactive storm.

three, how to promote?

in the understanding of the characteristics of micro blog of the above, we analyze the characteristics of micro blog is the largest free, you can communicate in any place with micro blog friends, we all know that network promotion first need a wide range of needs, second high efficiency, write a short essay in the micro blog, we through the API interface of micro blog integration, information synchronization and other related to your micro blog, also can pass through this API you will be other things in the traditional blog synchronization in your micro blog, so that your message coverage is very wide. In terms of efficiency, micro blog also has instant chat with the tool is very close to the speed of response, as long as others set up with QQ, MSN and other bindings, your information is updated, they can understand the first time.

I to the famous micro blog "what to do" as an example, visit the website registration, registration information does not let others find you immediately, this time the system will ask you to follow others, so you can immediately understand to be the people with the information, you can follow the first few, see we can see some of what information, at the same time we have to do is associated with other blog, click Settings – "sync to the micro blog, there are several micro blog is a very popular, do the corresponding binding and then click on the settings -" bind to chat tool, can bind QQ, MSN, Gtalk. Skype, in this way, the information on the micro blog you can be the first time you know. What we are doing now is to solve the problem, and we need to increase the breadth, which is to increase the number of people who follow us

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