Waste information to help you make the flow of the Forum

to do a website optimization, the webmaster must understand road site, the quality is greatly influenced by a search engine to evaluate the content of the station. However, as a forum, website content quality is not so good the general management of the management, because the forum is a communication between users of the platform, so a lot of time there will be some spam, spam and even some of the forum is very much, so much junk information what impact

forum?First of all,

spam affect the quality of content

believe that at this point, you have to understand, sometimes a lot of junk information is advertising information, there is little relationship with the forum, to search engine, but also from the good user experience. So, this information is included in the search engine, not long after it will be deleted, which is one of the reasons we are included in the common reduction. Too much junk information, will bring bad influence to the spider, the search engine that you do not feel in the serious maintenance of the site, so that your weight is not high.

for a forum administrator, in order to improve the quality of the content, it should be a good management of spam messages appear in the forum. If it is necessary to need, you can set up a special section to deal with, so that, in addition, there are much stronger than spam in each block. This allows the spider to visit, even if some junk information found, it will not necessarily do the right to deal with the forum.

second, user experience decreased by

if you go into a forum for a message when you find a post is the title of the information you want, a lot of go see is some advertising spam, even if this post to help you, but also greatly reduce your trust on this forum no matter who, do not love so much junk information forum, many will leave the forum.

no matter what type of site, the user experience is still very important, after all, the spider will now be in terms of the site to score. However, the forum was attacked by some mass software, there will be a lot of spam. In this case, I believe that many administrators have met! But don’t worry, when you encounter this kind of situation, we should immediately make the appropriate treatment, the timely removal of junk information, here a proposal to give personal information, that is rubbish end, send a notice to the user, let the user knows the reason and treatment results of spam, it allows users to truly feel that you are in a serious management forum, which does not affect the user experience.

third, affecting the loyalty of old users

imagine, an old user spent some time in a forum, the forum found the emergence of spam, it will slowly change the old user on the website of the idea you want! Who would like to stay in a lot of garbage information forum. A >

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