How to move the company quickly through the network marketing to create their own brand

at present, the city moved the logistics industry confusion, the size of the company with quality of service, Longshehunza, this is not the only one. A small number of moving companies through years of accumulation, has a good customer base, relatively easy to get orders. The majority of small companies, due to fierce competition, coupled with the lack of supervision, poor service, high fees, poor image in the hearts of the people, the business is difficult to develop. In fact, one of the city’s move to market is limited, and the increasing number of companies moving, once the market is saturated, small companies will have put up the shutters. Only as soon as possible to build their own brands, the industry in the talent shows itself from the many small companies, in order to have a place to live in in the market move. The lag of the traditional marketing model, obviously can not keep up with the pace of market change. The network marketing has a wide range of communication, speed, low cost characteristics, is a small and medium sized moving companies to build brand weapon. As the current Beijing brother move, Shanghai, Shenzhen public Banchang ants moving company brand, is a good case. So, how to move the company quickly through the network marketing to build their own brand seobore summed up the following five points:

1 build search engine optimization criteria in accordance with the website

construction company official website, is a prerequisite for moving company network marketing executive, is the official website of the best window moving company to show the image of the enterprise, on the other hand also represents the company’s strength, enhance customer confidence. And only in line with the search engine optimization criteria of the site, in order to better Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other search engines included, to provide more opportunities for the company to show. From the point of view of the user experience, the official website of the moving company design must be beautiful, convenient for the guidelines to give customers a strong and prominent impression. Web structure should be reasonable, the level should be clear, the content should be comprehensive. At the same time highlight the service offer, so transparent charges, so that customers can have a comprehensive understanding of his consumption and access to services.

2 to develop network marketing strategy

each industry, each company has its own characteristics, the moving company’s network marketing program, must be combined with the characteristics of the industry to develop. In general, scheme of network marketing strategy should include search engine optimization, network advertising, alliance promotion, E-Mail promotion, database marketing, word-of-mouth promotion, soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, Forum promotion, online information dissemination, exchange links, landing pages and so on. Moving companies can use the third party network platform, in a short period of time, the rapid release of the company’s positive image display text, pictures, video information. For example, in 360, all Alibaba, HC network, B2B platform to establish a hundred responses to a single call, the company shops supply information released. In Sina, NetEase, Sohu advertising, the establishment of blog, interact with friends. Registered Sina micro-blog, real-time updates of the latest developments in the company. Set up QQ group, and potential customers to maintain feelings.

3 network promotion team training and implementation

to develop a good marketing strategy, is the implementation of the program. But >

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