How do improve the site traffic

I do stand for some time, before the station is done in the West engage in the west, there is no point. Until 07 years in June, I began to really concentrate on doing stand, now my site traffic has reached IP8000. Need is not very high, but it is my first time to do the traffic up.

I believe that a lot of people are wondering why the station is fluence others so big, income is so high, why do I have no traffic, no income? In fact, this is the webmaster to pay how much sweat for promotion, publicity, every day a lot of time doing. Of course, can not update the site content. Take my stand for it, I use a station system, and then use the previously purchased domain name: this station has been set up in, you can see that the domain name for the site navigation of the site, because I want to do is to follow the trend of previous class site navigation station, watched by Baidu HAO123 but after buying, web site navigation site now found mostly, so I was idle for almost half a year later, the domain name, think lying is put, just want to establish a entertainment site, I also know that entertainment sites flow faster, search to the stock, but also easy to be blocked. But I did not understand Baidu, Google blocked is going on, so they decided to try, for two days to build the site. Then began to look around to promote the software, but it is suitable for the slide, and finally had to use the following two ways to promote the.

, I still use the old method, mail promotion (don’t group Oh, otherwise will be sealed), insist on sending two hundred to five hundred emails every day, adhere to two months. The title of the message to attract people, but can not be used in some of the temptation of pornography, or the user will think it is a virus and not open the link. When you think about the title, you should take advantage of the current user. But most each send 5 letters, more will be as spam and email, will be the title.

two, but also the old method, is to find some of the more popular forum community, publicity, this is not much to say.

three, is the time to maintain the content of the update site, so that not only Baidu, Google will be included, users will often come.

four, do Links, do Links, should choose the link is greater than or equal their PR value, as little as possible to make links to each point of friendship.

well, time is limited, can not express, please don’t take it amiss…..

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