WeChat public powder using qiyi VP membership case

often have friends asked me, how to increase the number of WeChat public fans. In fact, as long as you use Baidu Search WeChat public powder can find a lot of methods and cases, you are not afraid to do. Today, Shao Lianhu to share a membership for public use of the Iqiyi VIP WeChat powder case no..


this morning, I saw a micro friends forwarding information in my circle of friends is that WeChat, Iqiyi a year VIP membership free delivery. Gosh, there is such a good thing, Iqiyi’s VIP membership year is 198, so free to send the following diagram:



I opened the

read, this paper introduces the Iqiyi VIP members can watch some movies, use this to attract people. Indeed, the major video sites have been a member of VIP, and a few days ago I opened a blog for my Shao Lianhu VIP membership, but heard the account login title will not open. We look at the article introduction:


If you want

to Iqiyi’s VIP member account number and password, is put forward in this article to my WeChat friends. Moreover, I also see the amount of reading this article has reached more than 20 thousand. For people who like to watch the movie, if you can get this value of $198 worth of VIP members forward without any. So, I forwarded to the circle of friends screenshot sent to his public number, as follows:


As long as the

is forwarded to the circle of friends of his shots to public number can receive Iqiyi VIP membership account and password. And, I personally tested the account is really useful. Here, the use of the Iqiyi VIP membership to attract fans for WeChat public number of cases here. Here we talk about how this model is to operate.

using Iqiyi VIP membership to attract users, Iqiyi a year VIP membership price is 198 yuan, and there are a lot of people want to see a large, on the use of this user’s interest to attract their. As for the Iqiyi VIP account, you can go to the official to buy, can buy Taobao can, they also no matter where you come from, as long as can be used on the line.

a lot of friends will worry about a problem, that is, we get the account after the account, password and then cancel the attention. We look closely at it this rule, they will update the account. This account may be just a few days, a few weeks. If you cancel their public numbers and change your password, you won’t be able to see it. So, you have to pay attention to them in order to see the film, every day to see the contents of their WeChat public hair.

actually, users like a lot of things, you want to let others off

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