Operation method for rapidly improving product from media network influence

products now do a lot of people, since the media do a lot of people, no matter what the new stuff out, if we can quickly enhance the visibility, basically is the most successful one, now is the age of wine is also afraid of deep alley.

make a good product, or are you very talented, but nobody knew, could not escape the fate of indulge in self-admiration.

In this paper, several

share can quickly improve the product, or from the method of well-known media, straight into the theme.

a multi platform operation

different platforms have different user groups, and between the different user groups from the intersection of the proportion is small, for example, some people play with WeChat, there are people playing street street, but at the same time, the use of WeChat and unfamiliar street people relatively rate is not high (about gun specialist except), so if the product promotion, to each platform, you can greatly expand the user group.

, for example, some of the spring wood is dry cargo fixed share to two websites, but generally issued, will soon be transferred to other platforms (Alibaba, Taobao, and so on, I am webmaster forum) to search for a moment, a little amount of reading is very high, some controversy, that I was too lazy to the platform take into account, there is also the audience. Just a little regret, most of these articles are qiatouquwei, the anonymous article; and even has become someone else’s "make only superficial changes, works".

muchun here revealed a Jianlou way to make money: we watch TV, often encounter many long TV shopping ads, these ads play is particularly high, wide influence, but the TV shopping product price is high, many young people see the heart, will choose to go to the Taobao search to see if there are any of these products…… The opportunity is here, some people do this, keep watch TV ads every day, looking for more fire TV shopping products, and then laid to Taobao, or Baidu bid, and profits, the accurate flow is white pick. TV shopping belong to the traditional field, are not familiar with the Internet play, so they are generally not available in the internet.

of course, this example is just let everyone divergent thinking, do not have to imitate, on my observation, there are many opportunities for such information asymmetry arising on the internet.

two, leveraging the spread of

the strength of a person or a team, after all, is limited, so with the help of other people’s power, who has the credibility of fans who. For example, to find a big micro-blog V promotion, not only his fans know us, and his fans trust his recommendation, is tantamount to grafting the trust relationship.

so, how to let others recommend? The answer is "equivalent exchange", don’t take advantage of others, can pay for V on micro-blog promotion, pay promotion in general are intermediary platform, Sina micro-blog has a "micro mission" platform, the V is priced micro-blog the third party.

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