Lao Tse how to write a business plan

investment company to review a large number of business plans every day, and how to stand out in many business plans to attract investment company’s attention, it depends entirely on the quality of the business plan. First impressions are investment companies of an enterprise or a project is formed from the business plan, they think of an enterprise or an entrepreneurial team even if a business plan can’t write well, then this would not be a good business enterprise, the team will not be a good team. Because of the importance of the business plan, from one side reflects the ability and vision of business managers and team leaders. It is entirely possible to believe that a complete business plan is a key factor in the success of a business.

business plan generally includes the following ten parts, the old Xie believes that a good business plan to psychological research investment company thoroughly, because they are a bunch of "love" of the hunter.

a, implementation summary

is a one to two page summary of the business plan. Includes:

1, the commercial

(business) simple description (i.e. " elevator. "


2, opportunity overview

3, target market description and forecast

4, competitive advantage

5, economic status and profitability forecast

6, team overview

7, the benefits provided by

two, industry background and company overview

1, a detailed description of the market, the main competitors, market drivers

2, the company should include a detailed description of the product / service and how it meets a critical customer needs.

3, be sure to describe your entry strategy and market development strategy

three, market research and analysis

this is a window that shows how well you know the market. Be sure to clarify the following questions:

1, customer

2, market capacity and trends

3, competition and competitive advantage

4, estimated market share and sales

5, the trend of market development (for new markets, this is quite difficult, but we must strive to be close to the real)

four, corporate strategy

Interpretation Inc how to compete, it includes three issues

1, marketing plan (pricing and distribution; advertising and promotion)

2, planning and development plan (development status and objectives; difficulties and risks)

3, manufacturing and operation plan (operation cycle; equipment and improvement)

five, >

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