Three levels of Web Marketing

website marketing includes website construction, website promotion, website operation three levels.

1, website construction

can develop their own independent personalized website QianHouTai management system, website management system is due to benefit is personalized, so a horse is attacked by the possibility is relatively small, and have independent intellectual property rights; the other is based on the existing web site management system, is divided into three. One is the ASP architecture, a PHP architecture, there is a ASP.NET architecture, which one is better, there is no unified view, generally speaking, ASP is a bit outdated, PHP is now more popular web site management system, including some portal site is still in use of this website management system, Microsoft ASP.NET is the development and popularization of the architecture, ASP is Microsoft products, unfortunately it has become obsolete, cannot upgrade from ASP transition to ASP.NET, this is a bit Like DOS can’t rise to WINDOWS.

ASP site management system, easy to operate CMS is a very popular management system.

PHP website management system, the more popular is DEDECMS, imperial CMS, into the free version and the authorized version, generally free for personal or general company site from the function that is fully qualified, only from the products in terms of service, the free version of the service is limited, the people but also can fully understand.

ASP.NET free of charge at home and abroad mainstream websites use less, more, do not recommend using this personal website management system, because if they are not proficient in the program, the follow-up maintenance costs will be high.

overall: personal site, it is recommended to use the mainstream free PHP management system. Example DEDECMS

2, website promotion

personal webmaster website promotion is one of the most interesting topics, but those very effective tactics, now most have little effect, for example, the forum sending spam mass, and this method to visitors don’t have much loyalty, the website is a race, not long-term accumulation is difficult to get visitors the development of the.

combined with some of their own stand experience, talk about personal promotion of the site for some of the feelings of the exchange. I do is jeje website Finance (, promotion of the road through the many webmaster, I have gone, but a general feeling of the effect is not obvious. I’ll explain in advance, promote me refers to the premise of originality in content under the premise of the content on the website construction has been based on off site promotion, leave this premise, but do not rush to promotion, or the first site first general building after the show to others there are a lot of friends, stand, stand in a hurry out included Baidu, don’t be in such a hurry, I stand "

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