My English website promotion skills

the following is my experience in English Web site summary, I hope to help friends:

a, web design in accordance with the way foreigners like the page, simple, atmospheric, menu display clear.

two, font with small fonts, web pages using UTF-8 encoding

three, the web page to place the MSN contact shortcut window, try to place the foreign email mailbox for contact mailbox

four, server rental servers in foreign countries, convenient access to foreign users.

five, website design into the basic SEO optimization, title within the 20 letters, description within the 50 letters, keywords within the 30 letters

six, check the content of the web site in English, to ensure the accuracy of the content, standard.

six, website production is completed, to the relevant foreign industry website sent some product information, industry B2B promotion.

Author: Seoer address: Xiyuan reprint must specify the source and site, free to go to my BLOG sit, thank you.

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