Network marketing and marketing concept of fuzzy recognition must be different at every step

is currently on the Internet there are many MLM organizations, this kind of organization is often the name of the day to earn hundreds of thousands of banner, and finally at the expense of the ordinary users, network marketing often rely on nothing so as to achieve the purpose of profit target, why ordinary users will be deceived, said direct point is because the average user awareness it is not accurate enough to deceive the criminals to face this kind of situation today I bring a how to identify the difference between pyramid selling and marketing articles for my friends, I hope to help the webmaster friends and ordinary Internet users friends.

MLM organizations often banner banner are: high profit, low pay


this screendump is just cut in a website, here there are a lot of projects is full of temptation, such as the first to earn one hundred thousand to pay 10 thousand tuition, at the end of day to earn a few hundred large, pick up the phone to make money. How can these projects are really so good money? These items can really make you earn before


then brought out such a purpose, advertising these people just want in front of the user to express such an idea, this project to make money easily, low cost or no cost, and this is a major feature of network marketing, why most people join MLM, MLM is running "high income, 0 investment", which formed a pyramid common without cost. The marketing is the need for marketers to provide funds to organize human resources to engage in promotion, which is completely out of the concept of pyramid schemes.

without the need for cost under the common marketing organization will elaborate, let more people to the development of the assembly line, and this line development more, instead you need not cost will give you a commission, and this is the Marketing Commission commission model, where the money will come from? It is impossible by the Commission the organizers of it, if you are the agent, then you get the Commission money is from lower level agents to bring, if you are the agent, then you get the royalty money is obtained from lower level agents, and if you are a member, then you are for ordinary users. And this is the MLM money chain organization, which is the source of interest in MLM – from ordinary users. Marketing is not so simple, marketing promotion and publicity, such as your Taobao clothing store needs to engage in marketing, so that their own initiative to make payment companies or individuals for your promotion, and is trying to get from the MLM funds.

let us look at the biggest difference between marketing and pyramid schemes: pyramid schemes mainly rely on direct cheat money based, and marketing by selling goods to obtain profits. Zhang is a Taobao shop, now has to spring sales season, in order to sell his spring Zhang hired a marketing company for Zhang marketing, marketing company by post, message and other marketing methods for Zhang Taobao shop to bring a lot of traffic so as to form the conversion rate, Zhang daily commodity sales have reached the million.

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