Three point two words about my idea for some directory submission


friends all know your website submitted to the influential directory station, will not only get some traffic, and it is also a high quality of the chain, is of great benefit to the construction of the website. But the problem often appears in the opposite things, since there are so many stations submitted to the directory discount, that means some influential site and not casually to apply through the. Sometimes some of the ability of the site is often due to the process of submitting to ignore some details and delay their application for success. Below I will combine their own experience, divided into three words to give you a specific list of things that are submitted to the directory.

first sentence: in fact, some time is not too difficult for the editors, but our own problems, or fancy, or in their application in ready to accept either course, when the problem is more flawed.

some friends to increase your site exposure rate, deliberately submit it to two or more directory, and modify the description and other means of trying to cheat the editor, it has no value, because the high quality of the site site is basically manual review, demanding, very easy to find you tricky but from another perspective, many owners will pass the classification to find Links, after all categories are the industry category to the division, only the choice of the directory will be submitted, to help us on the network construction work, the construction site do you link is bound to affect the later.

some friends may be bad talk, perhaps there are other plans for the site description can not always be a real objective response. Sometimes even artificially inflated, to his own trumpet. But as mentioned earlier, the high quality of the site will have audit personnel, do not blindly exaggerate,. We have to do is for real information, web site, site name, site keywords, site introduction basic content concise and clear description, let the editor can be more efficient work, perhaps more to increase our own impression.

there are some friends love loophole, because itself is to do directory station, it will encounter a lot of uncertain situation. For example, some friends even submit an immature site. In fact, I personally suggest that the current directory is excellent in the quality of the control station, so the success rate of new sites submitted by the relatively low, we need to be strong in the early stage of the foundation of the foundation of the site. Usually less than 1000 registered users and 10000 post forum would not be passed, because this site popularity is not enough, the value is not high, so we still choose the best when their own website to apply mature hand warmer, or blind repeatedly apply for a site, get closer to the blacklist.

or that sentence, submit the application directory to be honest, not blind pursuit of quantity. Can not be repeated for the purpose of achieving a certain purpose or repeat the use of multi domain multi mirror submission, once found, not only before

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