Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 9 22 9 28

about the grassroots and elite "written with

I have always been on the "grassroots" the word is not very cold, this title is more like a media fraud. In fact, most of the "grassroots" is still neglected or only being used as a base to mention, and to "grassroots" identity of famous author, is becoming a new "elite", even the well-known "grassroots" have become "elite" desire.

China SEO industry will be subdivided into seven large market

SEO, the industry has been in the domestic fire for three years, these three years, after germination, development, impetuous, slowly began to become mature, has been a full year without SEO talk about this topic, this year, we have been silent work, I love to practice after a period of experience to share with you. So today to share my SEO industry analysis: China SEO industry will continue to segment the market.

grassroots Webmaster: go out before you know how big the outside world

like to publish some articles in ADMIN5, not because they want to deliberately propaganda some things, nor write soft Wen, just because of the king of a sentence: we should do something for China’s webmaster.

Behind the

grassroots webmaster webmaster success sad history of


I as a rookie, now also built their own web site, naturally bulging pockets. Now the only thing I want to do is to share with you my site experience, access to the same labor results.

analysis of the development of China’s personal website

website has been an important force in the diversification of the Internet world, the personal website belongs to the grassroots type, lack of funds and professional care team, so many personal websites can only be a little groping forward. Half the time, we choose a number of unique personal website, quality model, direction, they were analyzed and evaluated in detail, these sites can be said to be a microcosm of personal website survival status, review sites, and half a year to comment to communicate with many webmasters, we try to sort out the personal website in the process of the development of the crisis and confusion, hope to provide reference and inspiration for other friends.

I’m not the general Webmaster: in fact, I am a technical webmaster

first, I am a programmer, but it is not because I am a programmer to write the following paragraph, but I feel sorry for the process of building. I have seen in the webmaster network, the success of a web site, but there are two points. First, the money, second, others can not quickly follow the technology. Here, we can see the importance of technology to the success of a website. I’m not that strong yet, so it’s hard for me to succeed.

small portal big stage small portal personal webmaster new outlet

when it comes to portals, people think big and full

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