My ten forum management experience

This article is my site in the actual management of some of the experience, now share with you. Hope that we can work together and progress together, to make their own forum better.

A, accurate positioning and development direction

The early development of

we contacted some of the school students, school leaders, get some support and promotion opportunities, the original management in the network to each school for some publicity. In fact, it is very hard, a few times to be out of the guard. But as managers, they have to endure the hardships.

free forum software forum for the location, this is the forum all must be taken into account before the opening problem. Is also a key issue with the development of the forum. Only by correctly grasping their position can we make progress!

and need to have a complete set of its position to adapt to the development of the general direction of such a plan, can guide the forum at any time not to deviate from the direction of the right way.

two, personnel selection and appointment

The level of

quote "A World Without Thieves" in a word: "what’s missing in twenty-first Century? Talent!" Talent appointment is very important. The use of the people to use the best place, will receive good results! And it will bring a lot of popularity.

three, layout design and overall planning

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