Multi line linkage babe network mother festival campaign

mother and child electricity supplier war has not dissipated over the past few years, electricity providers are regarded as off-season 3-5 months, in the eyes of the mother and child electricity supplier has become a great opportunity.

before March, the major electricity supplier to get together to promote maternal and seize the market, now the electricity supplier played this mother’s Day is May month idea, launched the "5· 11" mother day, even in the mother’s day to carry out a key when the mother "," a surprise "gimmick line activities there will be a big rally, mother festival playing second" double eleven "trend. The electricity supplier, is the recent heady maternal APP babe.

A review of the

movement, babe network on Mother’s day in May 7th, babe network jointly launch a key step and when the mother "offline activities, coordinate the citizens of Hangzhou by yuho call" a key when the mother car, maternal pain childbirth experience. The day although under the drizzle, but still attract a lot of "one key when the mother is full of curious citizens, according to every minute more than 100 people call" a key when the mother car registration experience. The activities of the day by the outsiders live APP broadcast live, expand the coverage of activities.

May 8th mother’s day, and once again expand step babe network topic, "a surprise launch vehicle". In Beijing, Hangzhou, Tianjin and other 15 city synchronously, the activities of city residents as long as the use of yuho call car travel, will be mother’s Day Thanksgiving surprise package to get out from the hands of the babe network driver, mother’s day has become one of the hot spots of the scraper circle of friends. At the same time, "a key when the synchronous on-line mom spread widely in the related video, Iqiyi, Youku and other video sites and new media channels to reach more than 70 million the amount of reading in Sina micro-blog.

It is reported that the selection of

, babe network on Mother’s big moves, and in micro-blog, WeChat, and other new media do Betta live broadcast, in addition to further rely on Mother’s day to establish a brand image, expand the influence, but also for the upcoming "5· 11" mother day rally. Baby babe network festival will last from May 11th to May 15th, with great efforts during the event price, full cut, full back activities launched.

as a leading brand of maternal electricity supplier industry, babe network and mother’s day itself has a strong correlation, and taking advantage of mother’s day for a few days after the mother festival diversion, more logical. It is also worth noting that, unlike the general marketing, the babe network "a mother" + "a surprise" idea, the use of video in the entertainment spread deep China theme, the mother is not easy to do cause social attention, leads to "don’t let your mother white" pain "you" call also, as the industry leader reflects its social responsibility, and ultimately enhance the babe network in the minds of consumers influence.

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