Traditional stores should use the shop to counter is nternet plus regain the initiative

a few days ago with a friend to eat a baked carbon shop, let me see what is called the Internet thinking. Places and names are not mentioned, only the case.


first to say that this is a very remote place, in a new cultural industry park, so do not expect to bring about the popularity of geographical location.

there are three hotels, there is a very strange phenomenon every night, a full, the other two out of business. Come here to eat, basically acquaintances, or from the name of the evening. Secondly, the food here is really honest, but the atmosphere is good.

do this with the three boss.

first recruit: increase user activity.

this is an open-air restaurant, a set of KTV player.

this is very terrible, that night we have a few friends to sing, the middle of a friend is more likely to be in the atmosphere, the audience to engage Hi, everybody like an acquaintance as you come to me, the result is a big drink.

if the restaurant is a community, then the role of this set of KTV is to increase user activity, it allows a group of strangers can quickly play together.

The idea behind

is actually very simple, go to the restaurant to eat people, love is fun, it can’t avoid wine. In this environment, people will naturally put down their vigilance to play with other. After natural foundation, player played the role of the catalyst has been squeezed, the whole community of users in series together.

second strokes: to create problems for users.

traditional Internet thinking has been talking about the user experience, that is to give the user the greatest use of pleasure, that is how to facilitate people how to.

but the boss does not think so, he is giving the convenience of destruction, but let the user experience higher.

, for example, is the simplest example of a charcoal grill with a charcoal fire in the middle of the table. The easiest way to eat it is to put a wire on it and put it on the wire.

But when

eat carnivorous, the boss did not give the barbed wire, but every piece of meat into the bamboo pole, one meter long pole pointed poke a small piece of meat, a few pieces of meat before the bamboo pole for a table.

this is not convenient, right, but fun, very difficult topic.

but not everyone love to eat it, so the boss or by barbed wire, you can choose to go, but no barbed wire, psychologically we all feel so good to eat.

so what is the user experience?

is not to let users feel convenient, but let users feel fun.

The third measure:

spread circle of friends. >

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