December lift 2009 online shopping peak sales surge by 60%

just past December net goods sold crazy. According to Baidu statistics show that in December the platform has created the highest ever shopping online, for the month of 2009, sales increased by 60%. Analysts believe that this is due to the festival get together pull, but also with the ah platform launched in December, ten million red promotional activities have a direct relationship.

Baidu through the 2009 monthly sales statistics found that, on the whole, the platform trading volume continues to rise, but in terms of growth, the beginning and end of the year is particularly evident. In particular, in December, compared with the average monthly sales in other months, an increase of 60%, becoming the champion of the transaction, but also the platform for more than 1 years on the line peak.

analysis showed that ah, the beginning and end of the year in the festival period of Christmas, new year and Spring Festival, Valentine’s full battle inspired a lot of gifts, such as "special purchases for the Spring Festival consumer demand, holiday economy has become an important driving force of online shopping transactions." In addition, this period of time is located in the northern hemisphere, the coldest season in China, compared to go shopping, consumers prefer to hold the mouse, home shopping easily. From the seller’s point of view, the end is the last chance shopping spree is the most intense impulse, when promotional discounts, can bring the greatest benefits to consumers.

also has a large number of consumers are directed at the end of the "top storm ah", this is the most crazy Rangli promotion platform since the birth of at least 50 iPhone mobile phone sales lowest 2 yuan, more than 10 million gift envelopes, so that consumers buy happily, businesses also pocketed popularity. In order to grab iPhone, I have to buy a few pieces of goods in a row, and iPhone did not grab, but the same earned, buy more than 1000 yuan more than the line." Netizen Chen said.

through the monitoring of the transaction, it was found that in December the hottest selling Christmas, new year’s day and other holiday themed items, such as digital gifts, home, snacks, flowers, etc.. The double end to be issued, many white-collar workers "patience", began presumptuous commodities, online shopping, beauty, jewelry and other popular clothes. Coupled with the growing popularity of the 3G tide, many consumers eyeing the 3G mobile phone, before the Spring Festival to upgrade.

and Baidu have repeatedly reported online shopping success echoes from looking Consulting’s latest report also said the 2009 Chinese online shopping market reached 268 billion yuan, has accounted for 3% of the total retail sales of social commodities. The prosperity of e-commerce has come.

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