Sequoia Capital optimistic about the vertical industry website

reporter: according to the B2B station ( statistics, as of April 2009, the use of B2B program to build a network independent forum has more than 10, the use of the network B2B program nearly millions of webmaster, some vertical website and the industry website entrepreneur has a very stable and good business model income, due to the vertical web sites listed less chance, some mature site is facing investment or acquisition, as a professional investor, what do you suggest for these entrepreneurs? Do you think there is no need to take the risk of vertical investment risk investment? In addition to money, but also help entrepreneurs do what


Zhou Kui: a lot of vertical sites and industry website is very small at present, advertising fees and user charges, most are not enough to make a listed company, so if from commercial purposes, by investment and acquisition can open positive attitude.

of them part of the company facing industry is very attractive, there are a lot of growth opportunities, integration of business on the Internet and offline games, entertainment and e-commerce etc., may appear on the stage, expand the scale of opportunity.

The risk of

investment, a few suggestions: survival is the foundation of development, business development or very passive; think clearly again financing, not to say that money is not good, but this is not a waste of time; venture capital is not income, more than profit, such financing after a good day; the value of early partners is more important than the price, value partners include: business staff, business liaison, team building, further financing, etc.. Like entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneurs.

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