Taobao Taobao promotion method of how to promote the new store

Taobao promotion method is an old debate, today let’s talk about how to promote the Taobao store. In fact, each just entering the industry will know how many novice how to promote, is not their own direction, do not know which more effective promotion methods, how to implement, how to control the quality and quantity of the promotion, most of the new Taobao just blindly send advertising, no monitoring effect, that the more the better. This is the wrong way of thinking.

today let’s correct some of the wrong things Taobao rookie

one, do more, do not earn more than

error: many Taobao sellers think that as long as more posts, to see a lot of people, there are always a few people to buy, no 1% conversion is 0.1%, how to get to the novice just want to take advertising to more people, but ignore how attractive advertising, to retain people read advertisements. Most novice just do a good job to promote the first step.

case: once I have a friend called Xiao Zhang, never go to the internet post, also very little promotion. But he put an ad on a platform, a day to bring more than a dozen shops business. This platform is called "Xiaohua party shopping guide network access platform because of relatively large amount, thousands of yuan. To display their own shops in this, equal to 10 articles issued by the effect of 5000 visits, the exposure rate is very large. And the people who want to come to the site is to want to shop, advertising implanted very clever, reasonable increase their sales

two, exposure, does not mean there is a turnover of

a lot of novice in the advertising, just to the pursuit of exposure, that the more people see, there will always be someone to buy, but ignored the most important factor, that is the content. If the quality of the content of advertising that is not customer Guoguang, watch after all morning customer not to see your advertisement, but have their own purpose. You only have to implant the clever advertising, in order to play their own left and right

case: Xiao Zhang is also a crazy IT advertising will only be sent to the migrant workers, and later he found that the hair, the hair of Qiao qiao. The core purpose is to increase the amount of access to shops, shops to let more people see, so it will not cooperate with the platform and the big points, such as "Xiaohua party shopping network" by the party to bring most of the traffic Xiaohua, let more customers know their own shops, the party is now a Xiaohua Taobao network shopping. If the cooperation with xiaohua party, also very reasonable placement of

this is my 6 years of experience in opening a C shop, I hope to bring some help to the owner

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