Ten nine wrong see if you can really play micro marketing

for WeChat marketing, some friends will relish talking about how to rely on it, and some other friends will not cover up this is just a false statement denounced. For these two different attitudes, we do not have to care too much. Because this is a true portrayal of the current WeChat marketing.

as to why this polarized attitude, I think because most people don’t really realize the focus of WeChat marketing. Because although WeChat is just a marketing platform, too many changes from the traditional marketing mode in the form is not, but for the operation of ideas, we still have to shift slightly, simply move from other platforms complete form of marketing is not feasible, simple brush presence operators is not a good thing for you.

so what are some of the errors in



blindly follow the trend of

see what others do, what they want to do. No idea, thought that the others do the best and most profitable, so you can see our circle of friends everywhere mask, mouth monkey and soap advertisement, actually I want to say to see what others do, follow the trend of what is sure to sell yourself not earn money. Only do their own really like the product, will be more investment, will be more satisfied, adhere to the longer. You let me a man to sell the mask how to think how awkward, but I have to go to the table, so WeChat marketing in the choice of the first element of the product still depends on their own interests, not necessarily to follow the trend.

blindly follow the trend is one of the main reasons for the current micro business is not good to do. After all, products and people are inseparable, the sales of the products is clearly aimed at the establishment of the fixed attribute population, how to quickly find your core users, and products will be sold in the first time, realize resource matching is an important topic in micro operator. Not in the amount of resources, but to see whether it can effectively match. This problem, but also a lot of people do not understand the whole, too many resources, sometimes it is a burden. First select the crowd, then the product. This is the right way.

may see you speak, since you said I want to find a customer, then I sell the mask, is not up to 50 year old aunt to 18 year old girls are the core of my customer? Obviously not, so some may not divide too general, the real core users or to obtain from the daily operation in the data analysis, grasp the main group purchase and the problems they encountered, and then improve the morphology of the products can be an antidote against the disease.

delusion a stuttering big fat


marketing is hot, but not let you earn money, build up the family fortunes in a short period of time. Now some people like my mind operation registered account today, tomorrow on the goods, the day after tomorrow after a single, rich, too utilitarian attitude is not a good thing.

for instant success, we will fine for some.

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