How to win in the new algorithm in Google

how to deal with the new algorithm of Google? We can take some measures according to the following points.  

3-1.  keyword research: expand the coverage of  

although each page on the website of the only keyword optimization revolve around two to three words, but through a combination of keywords and modifier, it can significantly improve the site coverage of search results. For Google in November 15th last year to do the update, there are a lot of effective keyword strategy implementation of the site administrator did not notice. The reason is very simple: they are targeting all possible related keywords, wide coverage, so although the individual general keyword ranking dropped, but the overall site visits are not affected by what.  

If only for a few words, but these words have a very good ranking, this strategy seems pretty good. But once changed the search engine ranking algorithm, Google like this, this lack of flexibility strategy can hit the south wall, the correct approach is to lock all possible relevant keywords, expand the coverage of search results, to lay a solid foundation for their own search engine strategies.  

3-2.    effective site structure;  

"in order to ensure the effectiveness of extensive keyword strategy, websites need to organize, search engines can successfully traverse or search all the web pages within the site. In order to better understand this, let us look at the search engine Spiders is how to traverse the site.   />

Spider searches for this page, it extracts some information about the content and links on the page, and put it into the search engine number >

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