Talking about the user experience of Taobao Jingdong

I was a network shopping fans, because they do not love shopping, always think that shopping is a waste of time, do not love others and always bargain habits on the Internet can quickly find the goods they need, and then in the bag, waiting for payment, goods delivery is good, so I often go to Taobao and Jingdong where other sites haven’t tried! So today to talk about the two website shopping experience, the following is a personal opinion, wrong place, please forgive!

to talk about Taobao, I remember probably about two years ago, I was in Taobao search products, there is a problem is always bothering me, is on the parameters of a product only choose one, can choose second, for example, I want to buy a pair of shoes, choose 41 yards. You can not choose 42 yards, must choose a time, then the new search time, or parameters of certain commodities, I just want a range of options, but did not do, this problem is always bothering me, then you can choose some parameters in Taobao, I think shopping experience is becoming better, but recently, every time Taobao always feel strange, always give me feeling a bit nonsensical, such as some of the details, recently wanted to see the notebook in Taobao, each input notebook computer, there will be such a line of words: We help you to show the common brand notebook computer, you can also see all the baby ", if you do not click" baby ", below shows the way just flat display, only to see the picture, price, and model, can not meet my needs information, and can only see the big picture of the information the way, can not switch to a list, so every time I click" baby ", but after the jump, every time the results are different, sometimes some parameters have a checkbox, sometimes not, checkbox where to go, I was very unhappy, why should one more aspect to make so much trouble to why? Don’t know! Don’t know buddy do you have this feeling?

chat in the Jingdong, Taobao gave me the feeling is relatively heavy, a sense of security, on the website of Jingdong gave me the feeling is giddy, do not feel stable, not what sense of security, the feeling that I just said the website gives the appearance of it, I buy things in their products because the Jingdong is the Jingdong delivery is very fast, so the Jingdong’s own products, I usually go shopping in Jingdong, but if it is third party, I will choose Taobao, Taobao general price will be cheaper than the Jingdong, the quality will not be much worse, the reaction speed of the Jingdong website, personal feeling is still relatively fast, it is possible that Taobao data more because of it, many products in the room for Jingdong to do less, if the future success of rookie logistics construction after the horse, I Sleep may choose the probability of Taobao should be bigger! Buy some stuff in Beijing East, is generally the brand some more, basically every day at 11 o’clock in the evening orders, the second day around noon will be able to receive the goods, so it is convenient for you can arrange the time, what time can be at home waiting for the fast.

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