On the psychology of users in social network

Why is

at home and abroad App rankings, has been accounted for most of the application of the social network, because social networking is a true reflection of the user of communication and exchange, while social networking platform exists such as false information, but on the whole, the social network can reflect most of the communication can be more truly reflects the user’s habits, at the same time, in the communication to develop social and social network is more suitable for users of products and applications, more needs from the user’s psychological level to grasp.

first, the privacy of users in social networks. Whether on PC or mobile terminal, we are using social networks, although many users will love their data and information stored in the social platform, but also often appear all sorts of network data leakage problem, especially the video images of various private private easy to cause public speculation. Then, in the social network, the user’s privacy must be protected and respected, otherwise the social platform will lose the trust of users. Why Tencent QQ so mature as well as WeChat, and WeChat and QQ in the comments will be set up different views permissions, which is a social problem, but also the needs of users. In social networks, users need privacy, no privacy social network will not exist. Therefore, the social network should be designed to meet the needs of the user’s privacy, both to provide a platform for exchange of information, but also to respect the protection of user privacy features.

second, the user’s self-expression and prying desire in social networks. When you see "self-expression", you may think this is a positive word, but to see the "prying desire" will think that this is a psychological disorder. But, you know, it’s a combination of the two. It’s just different. First of all, the "self expression" in social networks as the representation we are often in the QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends made a series of photos and text to express their experiences and opinions, this is the most common characteristics of people with mental, from the user’s point of view, to share knowledge, experience and ideas in through the network in a social network to express themselves, to gain recognition and support, and even most of the people want to express confidence through this activity, for example in the circle of friends published photos show their beauty. "Desire to spy" were not derogatory, but users in social network real personality. When we release a certain mood or share an article on the social platform, we will be concerned about other people’s comments on you, and sometimes make a series of different responses to your share. There are a lot of men and women in love, are often released the mood in the QQ space or circle of friends, which is feeling the party will want to know what I was sent out of the mood, see the other side will be and what kind of ideas, will not be angry or happy, will agree or disagree. At this time, the men and women friends at the same time, the online will always brush the design platform of the friends of the dynamic, anxiously waiting for the other side of the response, two people are all

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