Lao Xie how to do the best soft effect

not for a long time for everyone to write soft Wen experience, Laoxie I still hand itch, want to say what, because there are very many webmaster has asked me a lot of soft issues, here, I talk about it, to see how to put the soft the best effect.

no matter what promotion, persistence is very important, if there is some special event promotion, that is another matter, if it is ordinary promotion, it would need to adhere to the old Xie, I do so soft for years, more and more feel the soft effect is a do more behind, the more able to see the effect, the more exponential growth. If you rely on a soft Wen, 2 soft Wen, like a good effect, the basic is impossible.

so, webmaster effect really wanted to do the promotion, this was not a very difficult thing, but to be sure, this is certainly a physical activity, because every day you need to adhere to, if their soft text level is good, every day to write an article to two article, form a habits, one day does not write hand to the feeling, your soft level almost, your promotion effect came out.

also, need to pay attention, how to sell their own soft Wen, the question many webmaster, conditional webmaster, can look for professional soft Wen experts portal published, this effect is the best, after all, some of the big portal soft release, can lend this good strengths.

for ordinary webmaster, BBS and BLOG is a piece of gold, in some time, I have explained some methods of increasing BLOG chain, if used well, every day hundreds of the chain is not a problem, but also afraid of no promotion effect.

BBS is the door of knowledge, the choice of BBS to meet this point, see the popularity, BBS posting character, love what kind of post, what kind of post is popular, we need our own summary of the webmaster. In some BBS Wen, often can bring much benefit to you, do not want to take over how much from IP BBS, our purpose is to increase the visibility of the site outside the chain, this is very important, because of the popularity of the site but improved, is the best for you to the station.

there is a very important point, that is the efficiency, the efficiency of the first, we should promote is high efficiency, need to write soft text need high efficiency, high efficiency, very important to know their time every day to complete the release amount, how many soft, should be aware of.

when you are in a promotion, will feel the time will pass quickly, each send a few soft, long past, high efficiency to use folder, their need to promote BBS, BLOG are recorded, on time every day to complete it, do not want to promote good hard.

there is a little, maybe we are very young, and too want to quickly achieve their goals, although this is not a bad thing, but can not develop a dry character. Floating dry will make you not

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