How far is the online shop

no source can open shop

recently, reporters from the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau and municipal Party committee recommended entrepreneurial projects, one can often see the scenery of new network of independent international platform ", the project leader Nie Shunhai introduction, this project is to develop their own team, and mode, the platform has its own purchase channels and there is a huge cyber source platform, even if the owner does not supply, can also be" natural sell "platform products, and the owner of their products, as long as you like, can do the sharing of resources, make the system in any one generation to sell.

this new shop model reduces the investment of entrepreneurs, the risk is small, more suitable for white-collar workers, college students shop." Nie Shunhai said, there are already more than and 100 shop platform, every merchant in the enjoyment of "double treatment company" and "branch", because there are sources sharing, also accelerate the flow velocity of the shopkeepers hand goods.

open shop has to rely on friends

open shop in the area of international e-commerce platform on Li Guozhen although still can not earn a lot of money, but has tasted the sweetness of the boss. Last year during the pregnancy, she everywhere learning nursery knowledge, some mothers also joined the organization, met a lot of people in the circle "".


children, she decided to make a full-time wife, take care of children, her restless open shop to pass the time, did not think their friends mostly into their customers.

did not start with a specific goal, just try, I did not expect friends around me to help buy cheap baby supplies." Li Guozhen said that since the registered on the site, milk powder, milk bottles, maternity and other nursery supplies have become her flagship product, customers are their own circle of friends, because users can share resources, prices always accounted for some of the advantages of her.

network business, how far away from us? Seems to be on our side, but not all people are suitable for open shop, in addition to a sincere, do online also targeting customer groups, make money with professional thinking, only large and entrepreneurial thinking is very difficult to do the shop.

network business model is simple and useful, so many people in the virtual network when the boss, the relevant data show that there are more than 5 thousand people shop every day, every day, only the Qingdao area there are hundreds of people apply for the shop, "Taobao became the treasurer". Although shop low cost, high profit, but it is not easy to revitalize the success. The network business, seems to have been far away from us, but how can the network Amoy gold


reporter recently interviewed a number of small network boss, I hope their stories can give you some inspiration.

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