B2C website promotion ideas

this article is when Shi Naian was serving a lingerie B2C website written for the web site are suspected of replacing AD with

instead of * * * *

a website content construction

1> part of the content in accordance with the "editorial content" in the "editorial department keywords" [underwear Related Keywords] to write these articles on the topic

2> underwear collection related industry station (****.com, ****.com, etc.) related articles, put an end to completely copy paste. Key words do a good job in the chain of work (such as underwear pointing to the address of the http://s.****.com site) to collect the articles need to modify their own (in accordance with the rules of the original edit modification)

3> original article


search engine favorite content, can be collected online editing, even behind the interview.

editing of our website

content is king, there is no high quality articles, the site is difficult to get a higher weight in the search engine, thus it is difficult to establish their own authority in the Internet.

two site stage promotion

1> site optimization in-depth details of the adjustment

2> formulate some specific keywords optimization strategy

1 select the key word of the collection of keywords corresponding to the article published in the 3 edition of the revised keyword article

3> Web site external links stable and rules to build

Links blog station group encyclopedia forum signature RSS polymerization fanchon bookmarks,

4> Web site promotion is the main content of the

1 to promote the construction of the channel to edit and modify the promotion of materials and self writing soft Wen 3 from the establishment of a good channel to promote


viral promotion website

1 with the registration of B2C mall into the system design advertising language design features page entry from the shopping network forums and other channels launched. (this is done if the site promotion has great help)

2 website launched < rhyme weekly > electronic magazine content for lingerie and other women’s most concerned about the design of exquisite

Automatic transmission of

3 websites on blessing website after funny

4 high quality underwear model and other video material plus site logo released in the video network communication

6> email marketing service according to the special vouchers and other website design corresponding mail promotion content, collect or purchase the corresponding valid email address, by sending email software.

7> soft Wen promotion writing related soft Wen released in high quality communication >

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