Full network CEO Feng Xiaohai data analysis to improve the transaction volume of 4% to 5%

speed transit network July 26th news, traffic and conversion rate of electricity supplier is more concerned about the problem of "yesterday afternoon, in the" 2013 points and B round of Financing Strategy Conference "interactive forum, full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said that the concept of big data is more advanced, but also relevant to now, full network transactions lift about 4% to 5%.


: Feng Xiaohai CEO (full network speed transit network plan)

now what data did not dig out the question for the meeting, Feng Xiaohai introduced, buy site, or the value of the site of the local life with the great data analysis firms cooperation is a great. For example, he said, such as the traditional electricity supplier may sell a certain class of products, 3C class, department stores or clothing category, in fact, only in a certain level to do analysis, this data is relatively one-sided.

Feng Xiaohai frankly, do group purchase industry projects, although some people may say that cover and contain everything, too pan. But actually every day to cover the user idle away in seeking pleasure, basic necessities of life. He stressed that the analysis of the data, in terms of relatively more concerned about the price, or for this part of the user is valuable, but relatively more comprehensive in the industry.

under the combination of online and offline, for the traditional retail Shopping Mall this format help." Feng Xiaohai analysis, "which is how to let the user be able to flow up, in the property system, there may be some people went to the five layer in order to see the movie, if the line of good planning, the association will have some promotional value."

How to make

online and offline, O2O and big data play? I think this is worth discussing, Mr Xiao Hai talked about, such as Wanda Plaza, they in the entrance of this piece according to some traffic monitoring system, customers have access to these data monitoring and monitoring; how to IT with, how to play the role of data, these are worth doing.

Feng Xiaohai believes that now from the industry point of view, we are not very good to make full use of the data attributes, "can help make decisions, improve and improve the conversion efficiency and so on, including the precise marketing industry. I think in these areas, in fact, we have a lot to dig." (Chen Xue)

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