Shocking the mask industry insider quality inspection report worrying


some time ago, as we all know, black millet I have been concerned about this market mask.

more than a month, I am honored to be able to get a lot of enthusiastic friends to send a trial mask, the trial results are good and bad.

here I will not explain, which is the agent of a few brands which friends, anyway, after use, some really do not.

but the mask industry bad, I have to say. Because I have a principle of doing things, that is, to understand the root causes of related things, why some good, and some particularly bad


to better understand the mask industry, I deliberately spent a lot of energy to do research. The main research object has the following seven mask brand:

beautiful order, ten year old beauty, white facial mask, Miracle Mask, RC Rui Nasen, gold password, Ji Lanxi.

first, I search in Taobao for a mask of this keyword, the initial forget about more than and 150 brands, the 1 million 890 thousand baby. Thus, the mask

this industry water is very deep, the competition is fierce.


face more than 150 kinds of brand mask, I have not so much energy to understand all the. Based on this limitation, I spent three weeks to collect

several recent comparison of fire brands, I through a variety of efforts, a variety of channels, and finally put their quality inspection report to the collection of my hands.

one of the following we analyze, who they are more convincing!

: first order of beautiful

Beautymeaning "beautiful order, each mask is a kind of belief, each mask has a strength, there is a surging up,


draw eternal hope, Beautymeaning in the call forward, dream, struggle, success, youth, line of the world, he

The birth of

beautymeaning beautiful order of whole network beta and a miracle, because beautymeaning beautiful family have a common dream show called –


their propaganda is very cow, but when I get their test report, it is: the national light industry cosmetics, cosmetics, washing and testing of children’s products.

I have a lot of pressure on this test report.


second: the ten year old beauty

this brand, presumably a lot of girls know, very loud fame, they claim to be:


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