228 yuan glory box obedient box voice on sale starting in January 14th

voice search just one click, obedient box glory box voice since January 5th to open an appointment, booking volume all the way up. January 14th (Thursday) 10:08, powerful and convenient glory box voice will be the two largest electricity supplier platform in Jingdong mall and HUAWEI mall to open the sale price of $228.

all during the January 5th -1 month 13 to participate in the appointment activities, and the successful appointment of friends, can enjoy the priority to buy the glory box voice and order priority shipping privileges. In addition, all sales in the first period of successful purchase orders glory box voice users, but also participate in the glory of elaborate "sale pumping house ceremony". A chance to win glory, glory 6Plus, glory Pro routing mobile phone box voice and the glory of WiFi wall – Bao Hao Li, in the purchase of good box glory box voice, intelligent voice feel powerful and convenient at the same time, win more surprises.


with a powerful and convenient intelligent voice function and compact and stylish appearance, glory box voice from the product release to the reservation phase before the sale, caused widespread concern in the industry, but also for the vast number of consumers looking forward to the glory of the box voice products, booking volume soaring.

intelligent deep voice, let technology service life

as the glory of the first to support voice interactive home entertainment equipment, the glory of the box voice intelligent voice features for TV box products to optimize the depth of the scene. Compared with the ordinary TV box, a box of voice glory according to the voice search function is fast and convenient, can search online video content through the title, director, actor name, support more intelligent voice control function, the release of more potential TV box. Just one click to say "Nirvana in Fire", "Hu Ge starred in the TV series", "director Stephen Chow’s movie", "Nirvana in Fire seventh sets", or "stop", "rewind / into 10 minutes and 25 seconds, 30 seconds / rewind", "open" market "etc. voice commands, bright glory box voice can easily identify, accurate response. Users do not need to re search the first letter of the alphabet Pinyin, want to see, want to see what, just say it out, the perfect solution to the problem of smart TV search slow, difficult to operate.



even more amazing is that the glory of the box voice in search of the film, but also supports two-way voice communication. Convenient and efficient operation of the design, interactive strong operating experience, reducing the cost of learning new technology, the majority of users affectionately referred to as obedient box, will make the whole family instantly fell in love with it.

compact and strong, pay attention to the overall user experience

appearance, glory box voice using m>

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